Brake repairs in London

Brake repairs in London

Are you looking for trained mechanics for brake repairs? Do you own or drive an Italian car? You are at the right place. At Italian car specialists garage, we offer brake repairs in London for Maserati, Fiat, and Alfa Romeo. So, why take your car to a general garage, when we are available to offer specialist services at competitive rates. Get in touch with us today!

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We us wiTech-2 diagnostic tool to find faults with the vehicle. So, we guarantee you efficient diagnosis and rectification of faults at competitive rates. Our highly trained technicians know exactly the best solution for every problem!

Signs of bad brakes??

Driving with bad brakes is no less than a nightmare. Always look out for some common brake warning signs:

  • Think brake bad is one of the common signs of bad brakes. You can easily spot it through visual inspection. The pad lies between the spokes in the wheel. So, if it looks thinner, you need to bring your car to us.
  • If the brake pads are wearing out, you might hear squealing noise. Also, vibrating brake pedal indicates something wrong going on with the rotors.
  • You might observe poor performance, as the brake pedals will depress towards the floor before the car stops. In addition to this, your car might pull to one side while driving, in case of bad brakes.
  • Warning lights on the car also indicate brake problem. Also, leakage of brake fluid underneath the car maybe another sign of faulty brakes.

Brake repairs In London at Italian car specialists garage

The important components of braking system are pedal, booster, master cylinder, lines and hoses, brake pads, brake shoes, and brake drums etc. If any one part goes wrong, it affects the performance of the braking system. At Italian car specialists garage, we offer high quality car parts repairs and replacements at competitive rates.

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