MOT test for Italian cars in London

Italian car specialist garage, as the name says, is a specialized garage for Italian cars. Our comprehensive list of services includes MOT test for Italian cars in London. The MOT test is important, because you can not drive your car until it passes the test. So, it confirms the road worthiness of a vehicle and saves the life of the driver and those driving around him. Our garage is an accredited MOT centre, so what are you waiting for? Bring your car to us today for MOT & servicing! 

At Italian car specialist garage, we provide car services for Fiat, Alfa Romeo, and Maserati at competitive rates. Also, we use the latest diagnostic technology to diagnose the faults and then to rectify them. Our experts have an experience of almost 35 years in the industry, so they handle the problems in a professional and friendly manner. Therefore, our customer base has been growing with repeating clients.

MOT test at Italian Car Specialists garage 

Most people usually confuse the MOT test with car servicing. Although both are essential for the proper functioning of the vehicle, they are different in terms of their end goal. Servicing is actually the maintenance of a car to ensure its optimal performance and fitness. On the other hand, MOT is a requirement to keep your car running on the car.  Moreover, MOT only covers the car parts that have a significance towards the car’s safety and road worthiness. We suggest you do not miss out on either of them if you want your car to last a long and healthy life!

MOT does not inspect the clutch, gearbox or engine, as it covers the performance of the mechanical parts of the car. MOT ensures the proper functioning of the headlights and seat belts. Also, signaling parts are an important security feature, so they must be in order for the car to pass the MOT test. In addition to this, suspension along with the braking system and wheels determines the quality of ride. Therefore, any problem with these systems would lead to a failure in passing the MOT. Last but not the least, fuel emissions and an intact vehicle’s body structure are essential to pass the MOT test without any hassle. 

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